UPDATE 13 – programmed and designed skills for NPCs


NPCs can now use skills (just like players)

-NPCS use some of the same skills available to players as well as unique skills/spells designed just for ncps

-NPC skills/spell types include (skill, spell, heal, buff, debuff and morph)

-NPCs can have up to 3 other skills besides regular attack

-NPC skill usage occurrence is designed by the developer and can occur from 1% of the time to 100% of the time


Example of some NPCs and their skills/spells


NPC Name   Description Weapon Name Min Dmg Max Dmg Skill 1 Skill 1 Chance Skill 2 Skill 2 Chance Skill 3 Skill 3 Chance
Diseased Rat A sickly looking rat Infected Teeth 1 4 Infecting Bite 50%
Bandit A hodded figure with a sack of gold Curved Dagger 3 11 Stealth 30% Stab 40%
Giant Spider A large quick spider. Large Fangs 6 10 Web 20% Infecting Bite 20% Paralyzing Bite 20%


Now that NPC skills are complete the next step and last major step in the game engine design is adding multiple npcs to battles. This is a pretty easy process but it requires me to add quite a few interface objects as well as rewriting some code. I am hoping to have this completed by the end of the week. After this last step is complete I plan on doing some testing with about 5 users just to ensure everything is bug free before I start the content design process.