During update 11 I posted some initial skills I had been working on these were very preliminary and have changed quite a bit.

Over the last week or so I have been working heavily creating/coding and balancing skills. I decided that some of these skills were a little too generic and lacked excitement so I rewrote quite a few of them. For example the druid and rogue classes were both focusing heavily on poisons. I decided to shift gears (and stop being lazy) and make druids a true morphing class. I coded and implemented morphing which still has a little debugging to do but its in and working pretty well right now. Besides AoE (attacking more than 1 target at once all skills are working and bug free that I know of).


In the next few days I will be posting a preview video for each of the classes outlining and explaining their skills. Right now each class has 8 or so skills I might be adding a few more once I get these first 8 balanced but this is at least a good start.


After class skill balancing is complete I have a few other minor and 1 major coding part before I get started on actual content development and app design.

My goal is to have major coding complete in 2 weeks and start beta testing by the end of nov. I would love to release before xmas and since I am now working on iOS development full-time I think that is doable.


The game is coming along great (honestly I didnt think I would make it this far haha). There has been tons and tons of feature creep but I made sure I did everything right so expansion should be rather easy and building other rpgs on the game engine I created will be pretty easy (just content development and design changes).


I am however ¬†undecided on whether to cut back on the amount the player can create / edit because of balancing issues. Because so much has gone into development and balancing it wouldn’t make sense to allow the user to edit or create certain parts of the game such as rooms/design. I do however plan on letting the user create/edit items once they have completed the game and maybe spells/npcs but the last two might just be in an update. I will have a full game here hoping for about 25 levels of skills/items/monster and about 20-50 floors depending on how complex I make the puzzles within each floor.



Any feedback would be great and if you have interest to test please let me know.