Website Update

So I updated the website a little bit with some up to date info on the following pages: About, Features, Races, Classes, Skills, Screenshots.     I also hid a few promo codes around the site the first to find them get to keep them =)

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Submitted To The App Store!

Last night around 1am I submitted Adventure To Fate to the App Store. It was a pretty great feeling for sure. For anyone that has been following me this is my first game and what started out as maybe making a dueling demo turned into a full JRPG game. Well 7+ months later I finally finished the game. I really couldnt of ever imagined it would turn out how it did. The feature creep monster took control of this project and this is the result haha. I am proud to finally call my self a game developer (as long as

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Hoping to submit today or tomorrow so i am just working on icon design and metadata. Anyways I have a few Icons i am deciding between and here they are: Plan on using one of these for the game and like I said I am planning to submit today or tomorrow and hoping for a universal release on May 8th.

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