Last night around 1am I submitted Adventure To Fate to the App Store. It was a pretty great feeling for sure. For anyone that has been following me this is my first game and what started out as maybe making a dueling demo turned into a full JRPG game. Well 7+ months later I finally finished the game. I really couldnt of ever imagined it would turn out how it did. The feature creep monster took control of this project and this is the result haha.

I am proud to finally call my self a game developer (as long as I pass review). I have wanted to be a game developer so this is a great feeling. Regardless of sales I learned so much and had so much fun that I wouldnt change a thing.

I want to thank my family and friends for sticking with me and dealing with me during this process. I also want to thank toucharcade, Undercroft and Realms of Kaos for giving me the inspiration to make this game.

Thanks again everyone and while I am waiting for review I will try to post some screens and get this ugly site up to date with current game content.