In the third video of this series I will focus on the wizard. The wizard is a light armor and weapon class. The wizards skills are focused around magical damage and defensive spells. The wizards main stats are wisdom (damage and skill point pool).

As well as introducing the wizard class I have also completed coding on some of the last minor systems.

Minor System Upgrades:

-Upgraded movement system (shows character icon on world map while moving)

-Boss system (boss now shows on world map and after defeated no longer spawns)

-Portal system (to and from town)

-New skills (Hit all NPCs skill)

-New and balanced starting items

-Completed the first 5 floors (first of 25-35 total floors) as you can see it takes about 5mins to run through a floor so the game time straight through should be around 4 hours (keep in mind some of the later floors will have puzzles as well as the encounters so the first run should take longer)

-Death system (sent to the temple in town at half health and half gold) you will have a chance to warp back to the start of the last floor you were on.

-Every 5 floors of the dungeon the theme will change (its a magic dungeon haha). first 5 are a classic dungeon, second 5 might be a desert, third 5 might be a jungle and so on….


In the following video you will see the wizard use the following skills/spells:

Spark Wizard A lighting damaging spell (chance to stun)
Frozen Shield Wizard A weak protection spell
Flare Wizard A fire damage spell
Inner Focus Wizard Drains HP to gain SP
Fire Ring Wizard A ring of fire that hits all enemies



Next up I will be focusing on the following:

-Key system (for puzzles within floors)

-Image change after visited (once you use a key on a locked door it will appear unlocked)

-Build character interface (by selecting your character you will be able to access your inventory, equipment, advanced stats, spell book)

-Game interface

-Build content for floors 6-30



Additional notes:

I have a few people testing what content I have now. I am looking to open up testflight testing by the 10th-12th and have that go on for about a week or so.