Minor update and Preview Screens

So over the last 3-4 days I have been working really hard to get back into the swing of things. As stated before I had been spending quite a bit of time building content but today I spent sqashing a few bugs and polishing act 2 (floors 6-11). Here is a little summary of some bug fixes and changes: Fixed Carryover EXP –now if you gain more than what you need to level it carries over to the next level Fixed attack all – resists were causing a problem which would stop the animations from showing. Add EXP reduction –

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Wizard Preview

In the third video of this series I will focus on the wizard. The wizard is a light armor and weapon class. The wizards skills are focused around magical damage and defensive spells. The wizards main stats are wisdom (damage and skill point pool). As well as introducing the wizard class I have also completed coding on some of the last minor systems. Minor System Upgrades: -Upgraded movement system (shows character icon on world map while moving) -Boss system (boss now shows on world map and after defeated no longer spawns) -Portal system (to and from town) -New skills (Hit

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