In the third video of this series I will focus on the rogue. The rogue is a medium armor and weapon class. The rogues skills are focused around poison and burst damage as well as some debuffing skills. The rogues main stats are agility and strength (damage and dodge).

As well as introducing the rogue class I have also completed coding all the major game systems. The latest completion was the combat system which includes multiple NPCs. This was a total rewrite of the combat system which now allows you to select which npc you which to interact with. The NPCs take turns attacking, casting, buffing and debuffing. NPCs can still use all the same skills as players as well as some skills created just for them. As of now there are about 50 skills/spells in the game and I assume by the time it is finished there will be around 75-100 skills. While introducing Multiple NPCs I also rewrote the loot system which allows each npc to drop up to 3 items (decided by their loot table).

In the following video you will see the rogue use the following skills/spells:

Stealth Rogue A buffing skill that raises agility and grants an extra stamina
Stab Rogue A physical attack with a large random factor
Blind Rogue A debuffing skill that lowers enemy agility
Poison Tip Rogue A weak physical attack that applies poison
Shadow Strike Rogue A strong physical and magical attack
Assassins Brew Rogue A buffing skill that raises poison abilities
Assassinate Rogue An all out physical attack


You will see NPCs use the following skills/spells:

Infecting Bite NPC A poisoning bite
Paralyzing Bite NPC A paralyzing bite
Web NPC A debuffing spell that lowers agility
Leech NPC A HP leeching skill






Next up I will be focusing on designing / balancing the first 5 or so floors of content (room design, npcs, items, etc…). I have a few more bugs to squash out but if all goes well I am hoping to start testing for these first few floors by early Dec. As ugly as the interface still looks the game is in a very stable and playable form so things are really looking up.