In the fifth video of this series I will focus on the druid. The druid is a medium armor and weapon class. The druids skills are focused around magical damage and defensive spells. The wizards main stats are wisdom (damage and skill point pool).

As well as introducing the druid class I have also completed coding on some of the last minor systems.

Minor System Upgrades:

-Key and door system

-Image change after visited (once you use a key on a locked door it will appear unlocked)

-Build character interface (by selecting your character you will be able to access your inventory, equipment, advanced stats, spell book)

-Completed the first 7 floors


In the following video you will see the wizard use the following skills/spells:

Dire Wolf Druid A morphing and buffing spell
Natures Strike Druid A physical attack that poisons
Regenerate Druid A spell that heals both HP and SP after each round.
Grizzly Bear Druid A morphing and buffing spell
Feral Strike Druid A strong physical attack
Quake Druid A large damaging spell that hits all

Next up I will be focusing on the following:

-Polishing and balancing skills.

-Game interface

-Build content for floors 8-30



Additional notes:

Testing skill happening….