Druid Preview

In the fifth video of this series I will focus on the druid. The druid is a medium armor and weapon class. The druids skills are focused around magical damage and defensive spells. The wizards main stats are wisdom (damage and skill point pool). As well as introducing the druid class I have also completed coding on some of the last minor systems. Minor System Upgrades: -Key and door system -Image change after visited (once you use a key on a locked door it will appear unlocked) -Build character interface (by selecting your character you will be able to access

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Progress Update 10

UPDATE 10 – Added special effects to items, battle indicators and sharpened images The below video shows use of special weapons that allow poisoning, stunning and leech/vamp effects. Details: Added various special effects to items 1. Blocking (shields have a chance to block whole attacks) a. block chance 2. Leech/vamp (items, and certain races[vampire race] give players a chance to drain an amount of hp or sp from monsters on attacks) a. HP leech rate b. SP leech rate 3. Poison (items, and certain classes[thief/druid] give players a chance to poison monsters)(every round until poison is over monsters will take

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Progress Update 9

UPDATE 9 – HUGE update!!! rooms and movement added game plot and goals defined Below is a video just giving a glimpse into movement and game settings. You will also see level ups, skill gains, monster drops, etc. Leveling is at an accelerated pace. Details: Room creation and movement within rooms has been completed (this helped shape the game plot/goals) 1. Touch to move along a 25 cell grid (for each floor) The game will consist of multiple floors the goal for the player is to go deeper and deeper into the dungeon. (find loot, battle monsters, levelup) The first

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