UPDATE 10 – Added special effects to items, battle indicators and sharpened images

The below video shows use of special weapons that allow poisoning, stunning and leech/vamp effects.

Details: Added various special effects to items
1. Blocking (shields have a chance to block whole attacks)

  • a. block chance

2. Leech/vamp (items, and certain races[vampire race] give players a chance to drain an amount of hp or sp from monsters on attacks)

  • a. HP leech rate
  • b. SP leech rate

3. Poison (items, and certain classes[thief/druid] give players a chance to poison monsters)(every round until poison is over monsters will take damage)

  • a. poison chance
  • b. poison damage
  • c. poison duration

4. Stunning (items, and certain classes[knight] give players a chance to stun monsters)(monsters cant attack while stunned)

  • a. stun chance
  • b. stun duration

5. Crit (items and all races/classes have their set crit chance and crit damage rates)(example thief has a 5% chance to crit. crit damage is 1.6x normal damage)

  • a. crit chance
  • b. crit damage


Details: Added battle indicators
1. poison (when monster is poisoned name turns green and poison icon is shown)
2. stun (when monster is stunned name turns gray and stun icon is shown)
3. battle log box at the bottom of the screen (buggy in ios7 but should be fixed soon) if it not will be removed

Details: Sharpened Images
1. Upscaled images from 16×16 and 24×24 to 64×64 and 96×96 without sharpness loss (images look quite a bit better)(file size will still be small).