UPDATE 9 – HUGE update!!! rooms and movement added game plot and goals defined

Below is a video just giving a glimpse into movement and game settings. You will also see level ups, skill gains, monster drops, etc. Leveling is at an accelerated pace.

Details: Room creation and movement within rooms has been completed (this helped shape the game plot/goals)
1. Touch to move along a 25 cell grid (for each floor)

  • The game will consist of multiple floors the goal for the player is to go deeper and deeper into the dungeon. (find loot, battle monsters, levelup)
  • The first floor will be a castle/town/safe setting. There will be shops, quest givers, library (for spells).
  • Dungeon floors will contain random encounters, bosses, treasure chests, puzzles, warp points, traps, dark/hidden rooms, etc.

Keep in mind design and writing has not really even begun so looks will change for the better.