UPDATE 11 – Added and polished skills


Details: Added and polished up quite a few spells.

1. Knight

  • Smash – A weak attack with chance to stun
  • Rage – A buffing skill that raises Str
  • Swing – A strong whirlwind attack
  • Defend – A buffing attack that rasies ac and block chance
  • Sacrifice – drains your hp to heal sp
  • Berserk – A buffing skill that raises Str and Stun Rounds
  • Crush – An attack with a good chance to stun
  • Blood Bath – A Strong Vamp Attack


2. Wizard

  • Spark – A weak magical damage spell
  • Frozen Shield – A weak protection spell
  • Flare – A burning magical damage spell
  • Inner Focus – Drains HP to gain SP
  • Fire Ring – A ring of fire that hits all enemies
  • Thunder Strike – A lighting spell with a high chance of stun
  • Frost – A Spell that lowers enemy str and ac


3. Rogue

  • Stealth – A stealth stance (agi and crit buffer)
  • Stab – A strong lunging attack
  • Blind – A debuffing spells
  • Poison Tip – A weak attack that applies poison
  • Shadow Strike – A strong physical and magical attack
  • Assassins Brew – A buffing skill that raises poison abilities
  • Assassinate – A strong physical skill


4. Cleric

  • Cure – A minor healing spell
  • Divine Strike – A weak damage spell
  • Righteous Mind – Wis buffing spell
  • Shadow Leech – An HP leeching skill
  • Holy Armor – Protection spell
  • Aid – A major healing spell
  • Extend Life – Added HP Buff Spell


5. Druid

  • Natures Strike – A physical attack that poisons
  • Regenerate – A weak healing spell
  • Feral Instinct – A buffing spell
  • Quake – A large damaging spell that hits all
  • Inner Poison – A poison buffing spell
  • Feral Strike – A strong physical attack
  • Infecting Orb – A poisoning attack

This is a rough idea of what the skills/spells will look like. Naming, descriptions, and value balancing is still going on but most of these skills / spells are coded and working in game. I will be adding 1-3 more skills per class before release depending on balancing and what not.

Once I polish up the effects and balance them a little more I will try to post a video previewing a few classes.