Now that I have skills pretty much completed I will be doing class previews over the next week. These skills are still a little rough around the edges and will have some tweaks here and there but this should give you an idea of the direction I am going. Along with skill previews you might catch some other features as I complete them.


In the first video of this series I will focus on the knight. The knight is the highest armor class and will be able to wield the strongest weapons. The knights skills are focused around damaging stunning attacks and high defense. The knights main stats are strength (damage) and endurance (hit points).


In the video below the following skills are used:

Slash Knight A weak physical attack with chance to stun
Rage Knight A buffing skill that raises strength and critical damage
Swing Knight A strong swinging attack with backlash
Defend Knight A buffing skill that raises AC and block chance
Sacrifice Knight A skill that drains your HP to heal SP
Berserk Knight A buffing skill that raises strength and stun rounds