Adventure To Fate : Future Arena

An adventure like no other though the past and into the future.

Game Features

Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future is a turned based RPG battler for iPhone and iPad. The game features 12 Classes, 30+ Pets, 250+ Monsters, 6 Crafting Professions and 500+ Items.

  • Find & Battle with Pets

    30 pets to collect & battle with. Choose from 6 starting pets and find 2 pets in each zone. Pets each have their own unique skills and spells that you can use during battle that compliment the classes in Adventure To Fate.

  • Explore The Future & Past

    10 Arenas and 100+ battles to experience. Each arena has its own theme, some in the past and some set in the future. Each is full of its own monsters, pets, loot & mystery.

  • Battle Through Time

    250+ unique monsters to fight turn-based RPG style. In depth combat system featuring 225 skills/spells. Battle up to 3 enemies at once along side your pet who has its own skills/spells to help you along your journey.

  • Find & Craft Endless Loot

    Choose from 6 crafting professions (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leather Worker, Tailor, Alchemist and Jeweler) with over 250 items to craft. Over 350 more items to buy & loot.

The Classes

Each class has its own unique skills & spells that they use to their advantage in battle.


Mercenaries use their strength and size to wield powerful weapons and wear heavy armor in battle.


Cultists devote their life and soul to the dark arts. They use psychic powers to control and destroy their foes.


Assassins use the shadows to approach their enemies undetected then unleash devastating strikes.


Priestess use their intelligence, wisdom and faith to heal and cast holy spells in battle.


Mutants use all their stats to reflect damage and morph into powerful creatures in battle.


Rangers use their agility and their pets to dispose of their foes in battle.


Savages any means to win a fight and have a tight bond with their pet.


Zombies use all their stats to defeat and consume their enemies in battle.

Arcane Archer

Arcane Archers use their intelligence and agility to dispose of their foes in battle.


Illusionist are a unique class that use illusory spells and their enemies abilities against them.


Aliens use their mind magic and shape shifts to confuse their enemies.

Time Guardian

Time Guardians use their manipulation of time to destroy enemies. They use heavy equipment in battle.

10 Arenas To Explore

Hundreds of Battles Full of Monsters, Pets, Loot & Mystery

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