Just a quick update.

I completed content building (rooms, npcs, items, skills, etc) this last weekend. I am now playing through the complete game as all the classes and polishing as needed. I still need to do some interface work and add sounds/music.

Really shooting for a mid march release. Sorry things have taken longer than I initially thought. What was meant to be a little test game to learn how to make games turned into a full jrpg game (as well as building a huge game framework). Like i said before I am not really concerned with the money so its not a huge deal things took so long. As long as i can keep making apps fulltime that is all i care about!

Anyways now that content building is done here are some stats on the finished game content wise.

5 Classes
5 Races
60+ Skills
150+ Items

650+ Rooms
25 dungeon floors (Classic Dungeon, Desert, Jungle, Undead themed zones)
75+ NPCs

Thanks again for the support and I will post some screens/videos of some of the later levels without giving too much away.