In the second video of this series I will focus on the cleric. The cleric is a light armor and weapon class. The clerics skills are focused around healing and buffing spells. The clerics main stats are wisdom (healing and spell damage).

As noted in update 13 I have mostly completed NPC skills/spells. You will see in this cleric preview video that NPCs have a lot more depth to them now. NPCs can now use skills and spells just like players and will use skills/spells from the same pool as players as well as their own pool. In the following video you will notice that NPCs have more than 1 attack per round, the ability to poison, stun, heal, buff, debuff, and much more.

In the following video you will see the cleric use the following skills/spells:

Cure Cleric A minor healing spell
Divine Strike Cleric A lighting damage spell
Righteous Mind Cleric A wisdom buffing spell
Soul Leech Cleric A HP leeching spell
Holy Armor Cleric A protection spell
Aid Cleric A major healing spell