After a long and much needed holiday break I will be back to work on the game tomorrow. Although I wasn’t coding much I did get some build things done and did lots and lots of testing on the first 10 floors.

Some new things I did code include the following:

After every 5-7 floors there will be a new theme. For example the first 6 floors are a common dungeon but the next 6 are a desert type theme. Each of these mini worlds will have its own shop, portal, temple, etc… (Think Diablo and it’s acts).

I fixed a few minor but game breaking bugs such as selling out of shops, casting self buffs on npcs and some other ui glitches.

As for build I completed about 7 more floors complete with npcs, items, and areas.

I’m leaning towards 4-5 acts that will come out to about 30-35 floors. Each with their own “towns” sub bosses and main bosses.

What’s next…

UI still needs work for sure but I want to wait to totally complete the coding side before I mess with it too much because I feel like it will keep

I need to polish up world traps and warps. This should add a puzzle element to the game which should break up some of the turn based fighting and make the player think a bit.

More build work I still need to complete about 20 more floors. Thinking I will have dungeon, desert, jungle, snowy/ice, dark dungeon/ palace.

Gather all my notes and figure out how to tell the game story.

Add sound. I have a few sources of work I can use so this should be somewhat simple (fingers crossed).

So this is what I’m looking at. Trying for a mid feb release. Sorry things have been pushed back so much. This is the definition of feature creep. What started out as a test project to see if I could make a sample game has turned into a 3 month work fest.

I love where the games at and where it’s going to be. I’ve spent countless hours playing and I’ve created a game I want to play. Regardless of the results of my work I’ve learned so much and had so much fun doing so I will be happy.