This is a quick preview of the second act/part of the dungeon. This part of the dungeon is desert themed and includes not only more challenging monsters to battle but some puzzle like floors that require keys/locks etc.

The first video covers floors 10-11 in the dungeon and shows a floor and act boss (the act boss is a little buggy in this video but is fixed in the second video which focuses on just the act boss)

The second video focuses on just the final boss (Twalia The Enchantress)

Next Up:

Working on Act/Part 3 of the dungeon. Act 3 will be jungle themed and focus on more world puzzles including traps portals and other fun elements. The NPCs inside this area will be more lower damage multiple attacks and poison oriented. I will post some screens when I get the town and first floor created.

As always feel free to ask any questions or post comments.